Day by day human beings are losing their integrity, because honesty is no more appreciated enough to be there. We speak truth with more confidence and are reluctant to even support the truth. One should accept that life is hard but you have to survive until death grabs you. Till then at least be honest to yourself, your work, help society in getting better understanding.

We can sum up a happy life in 3 attributes of human being which are Honesty, gratefulness and patience. This is the basic recipe of a delightful life everybody wants but no one put real efforts for it. Once we will implement them in our lives the whole society will be on the track. No one will destroy his/her individuality to adjust them in this world.

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Follow the footsteps of Prophet (PBUH) and be guided towards the truth, be in the direction of honesty and have patience while keeping your trust on Allah. So, be grateful to him for what you are enjoying now and be patient during the hardships of life.

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